3D Far-Infrared Moxa Therapy

Moxibustion Physiotherapy, Herbal Han Steam, and Far-infrared Therapy three in one function in this device. It provides you a deep relaxation experience with a great benefit of strengthen physical health and longevity, it kills bacteria, Detoxification, anti-inflammatory, reduce the pain, eliminate fatigue, balance Yin-Yang energy, dredges the meridians, improve blood circulation and insomnia, to prevent colds, beauty enhancement and lose weight, slim and contours the body, prevention and treatment of hypertension, colds and flu, limbs numbness and arthritis.

Far-infrared light Its own is not the heat, it resonates through molecular motion to produce heat between molecules, wavelengths in the 5.6-15 micron far infrared infiltration of skin and subcutaneous tissue of 4-5 cm, directly cause of molecular resonance, molecular motion and cells activity has becomes active, so as to increase the speed of blood flow, accelerate the role of metabolism, body warming up. As 70% of the body is water, and the excess of fat, heavy metals are caught between the body of water molecules, the activation of water molecules can be able to remove and separate the binding between them, so that harmful substances and fat is released and excreted.

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